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Rome off the beaten track

Have you booked a vacation/city trip to Rome? Then you have a wonderful prospect! Previously we described a good route through Rome (read more) and delicious sustainable places to eat and drink (read more). In addition, there are of course many more tips for Rome, such as places to sleep and shop. These places will help you to explore Rome off the beaten track. Curious? We tell you more in this article.


Once you have booked a trip, the next question is; where do you spend the night? In Rome there are several nice places to stay. Something nice for everyone, from a hostel to a hotel or homestay.

Do you want to stay in a hotel? Take a look at the Ecohotel at Via Di Bravetta. This hotel was built with a view to the surroundings, literally and figuratively. All aspects have been considered to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. At the same time, the hotel is built in a beautiful, quiet environment. If you stay here, you will forget you are in busy Rome. We love to stay in the suburbs as it gives us the change to feel part of the local community a bit more and it’s really nice to walk to the city center and explore cozy alleys. Afraid that the Ecohotel is too far away from the city center? It is only a few minutes by bus to the Vatican.

If you like Bed & Breakfasts, take a look at Bed & breakfast Bio or Martini Bed B&B. Both are a bit out of town, but definitely worth a visit.

Do you prefer to be more in the city? Then check out The Beehive Hostel. Located near Termini station, you stay close to all highlights. The name says it all, it is a hostel. The rooms are cheaper. This means you can also expect less luxury than in one of the other options.

We haven’t stayed in the above accommodations ourselves as we stayed with friends in one of the suburbs. If you have this option yourself, do it! If not, we’ve heard a lot of positive stories about the above mentioned options.

Wander around and explore the cozy alleys!


What is better than visiting a market on your free morning? We like to do this at home and when we visit a city we don’t know yet. It gives us the ultimate vacation and being part of the local community feeling!

For example go to the Mercato Contadino Tiburtino in Rome. This is a farmers market and takes place every Tuesday and Saturday in the morning in Cacciralla park. The Terra Terra Farmer Market is also nice to visit. This market takes place every Saturday and Sunday and even in four different places throughout the city, so probably there will be one in your area.

Nearby the Vatican you will find Mercato dell’Unita. Look for it and enter the building because from the street you will not recognize the market. It’s a local surprise!

Agricoltura Nuova is nice to have a look at as well. This is an organic farm in Rome. Do you find this all just a little too much, but do you want to buy organic products? Pay a visit to the Biopolis store. This is the organic supermarket of Rome.

Mercato dell’Unita


If you walk through Rome, you will find a huge number of shops where they sell handmade products. Many shops pay extra attention to sustainability. We will highlight some of these shops.

Made in Testaccio is a nice store with gadgets. The name says it all, everything is made in Testaccio, a very nice neighborhood in Rome. The district itself is also worth a look. If you are curious, visit their Facebook page!

Looking for sustainable cloths? Retro eco a porter and Eco Wear are the right addresses to go to. After buying a nice outfit, Cypro’s Hair & Beauty is a nice place to finalize your make-over. This brand contains sustainable and organic hair and make-up products.


Soccer match

Together with Italian friends Anouk went to a game of Lazio Roma. Okay, you need to like watching soccer if you will visit a match but it will definitely help you experiencing the local culture. In the Netherlands football fans fight with each other but we really liked seeing that everybody could get along.

Watch out, if you go to Lazio, don’t wear the cap in the center because AS Roma fans will not like this.

Other tips

Do you still have time in Rome and would you like to do something with a local? Take a look at Through this site you can book nice trips with locals, so you will certainly get to know the lesser-known spots of Rome.

Are you looking for a good route through Rome (read more) and delicious sustainable places to eat and drink (read more), then you should definitely read our other articles.

Have you come across nice addresses in Rome where we need to go to? Share them with us so that we can have a look at them on a return visit to Rome.


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