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Iran travelling route

We stayed in Iran for 9 days and started our tour in Shiraz and ended it in Teheran. Every city in Iran is different, please take the time to get to explore everything. In this article we tell you everything about our Iran travelling route and the cities we visited.

Day 1 Shiraz

We arrived by plane in Shiraz, where we bought our visa and were picked up by Mohsen, our driver.

In Shiraz, we visited the Nasir el Molk mosque, Jahan Nama Garden, Vakil mosque, Arge-e Karimkha, Mausoleum of Hafez and Sjah Tsjeragh (one of the most important pilgrimages). Of course we visited the Bazar as well and our driver joined us in the evening for diner in a restaurant with live music.


Day 2 Persepolis and the desert

On our second day we visited Persepolis. Persepolis is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is located around 30 miles from Shiraz. It’s really impressive and a must go! Naqsh-e Rostam is close to Persepolis and is an archaeological site, known for its tombs.

While travelling you will see locals selling products like fruit. We stopped and bought some fruit, a nice way to get in contact with the locals and try some local produce.  
We stayed in a Caravanserai along the former silk road. In the past travellers stayed in a caravanserai to rest and recover from their journey. It was a back to basics stay but at the same time very lovely. The best thing about the stay was the sky with shining stars, which you could enjoy from the roof.

Dag 3 Yazd

Yazd is a real mud village, really impressive and totally different. In Yazd we visited the tower of Silence -Dakmeh, the Zoroa Strian fire temple, Jame Mosque Payab and Mausoleum of Seyyed Rokn Al-Din.

In Yazd you can find hotels with indoor gardens to enjoy some tea or lunch. Most of these gardens do have ventilators to cool down. The Bazar in Yazd is a bit more quiet than the Bazar in Shiraz and nice to visit. We visited the Bazar at the end of the day and climbed on the roof to enjoy sunset.
In the evening we passed by a bakery and as I did grow up in a bakery I walked in to have a look. Again they were so friendly, offered us to make photos and they wanted to give me a fresh made Iranian bread. It was delicious. After this we found a nice roof top restaurant and enjoyed dinner.

Both my husband and father in law celebrated their birthday during our vacation in Iran. When we arrived in the restaurant in the evening, our driver and hosts organized a party specially for them as a surprise with a birthday cake. It was a real party with music and dancing.

Day 4 Meybod – Nain – Isfahan

The next day it was time to leave Yazd again and we drove to Narin Qal’ey (Citadel of meybod) and Morasnaeun, the mosque in Nain. We visited the bridges in Isfahan which were built as crossing and as dam. When we were here, there was no water in the river but it’s a beatiful place to make some photos and walk around. After this we went to the church of saint joseph of Arimathea in the Armenian district.
In the center of Isfahan you will find a beautiful square; Naqsh-e Jahan Square/Imam Square. The square is part of UNESCO and a lot of families stay here to relax, eat and drink together. We decided to buy some drinks (alcoholic free beers) in a shop close to the square and sit in the grass. At the end of the day we had dinner in a traditional restaurant close to the square.

Day 5 Isfahan  

Isfahan is worth to stay two days. The second day we visited all buildings surrounding the Imam square. The Shah Mosque is situated on the south side of the square, on the eastern side you see Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque and on the west side you can visit Ali Qapu Palace.

On our first day in Isfahan, my sister in law spoke to an Iranian people and they invited us for lunch at their home. We accepted the invitation and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Iranian people are really hospitable and if you can the change to visit them at home, do it!

Day 6 Kashan

From Isfahan we travelled to Kashan where we saw historic houses, a mosque and Bazar. Again a totally different city and beautiful!

Day 7 Kashan – Qom – Teheran

In the morning we visited the gardens in Kashan. After this we travelled to Qom. Qom is a place of pilgrimage and very impressive. At the entrance we were told we couldn’t go in without a Chador, so we bought one in the streets of Qom. After our visit we heard it was possible to rent one so when you go here, ask it at the entrance. I can’t tell you what we saw because it was just so impressive and different. You need to go here!
After Qom we drove to Teheran where we visited the palace and enjoyed dinner in Café Romance. A nice place to go to.

Day 8 Teheran

In the morning we walked from our hotel to the American Embassy. It was impressive to see the paintings at the gate.

During our trip we saw a lot of paintings and photos from martyrs and heard about a museum in Teheran. We got curious and decided to visit the martyr museum. Again… impressive to see more about the history of Iran.
Teheran does have two palaces, so we visited the second palace in the afternoon, before we drove up into the mountains. In the mountains you experience a total different world. Many young Iranians go here to escape from all strict rules. t’s nice to experience this as well.

We ended our trip through Iran at the Roof Top Grill in the Tooba Hotel.

Day 9 Teheran

Day 9, our travel home day. But before we went home, we visited the Bazar in Teheran.


Iran is a beautiful country and totally different at the same time. It’s a country you need to visit once in your life! Have you ever been to Iran? Which place do you recommend?


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