In Colombia, Palomino, South America

Go tubing in Palomino!

Tubing is very popular with backpackers. The most people know tubing as an activity which can be done in Laos, Asia. We didn’t expect it to be possible in Colombia, but guess what? It is. We don’t think you can compare tubing in Palomino or in Laos. We’ve never been in Laos ourselves, but we heard it’s a big party over there. In Palomino it’s different, way more relaxed and laid back.

Don’t end up in the bush!

How to get there

The best thing to do in Palomino is tubing. It’s the most touristic activity in Palomino, but fortunately it’s not that busy yet. Look for a motor taxi around Hostel the Dreamer and Tiki Hut Hostel. These guys will bring you to a shop to buy some drinks if you want, and after that they will drop you, with your tube, in the neighbourhood of the river. You have to take a walk for about 20 minutes, and after that you can enjoy your ride on your tube. During your ride down Palomino River, from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the Caribbean Sea, you can enjoy the beauty of Colombia’s ecosystem.

The best time to go

It’s great to float down the river in the afternoon and enjoy some drinks with friends. Please don’t throw your empty can in the river! While floating you will see beautiful animals, like monkey’s and birds. The ride down will take about two till two and a half hours. So don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, otherwise you will get burnt. The Palomino River drops down in the Caribbean Sea. There are a lot of great waves. It’s nice to stay a while with your tube or take some surfing lessons.


The Palomino beach!

So… just come to Palomino and enjoy your stay and the tubing! We really loved to do it, it’s so relaxed and we met some great people.Just don’t expect such a great party like Laos. Because when you do, you will get disappointed. Did you ever try tubing? Where was it and did you like it?


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