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Restaurants in Rome

When you go to Italy, we are sure you need to think about the delicious Italian food. In Rome you can find restaurants with the best pizzas and pastas. or enjoy antipasti together with your friends. Are you a dessert lover? Italians are famous about their dolce as well!

During our stay in Rome, we found out that a lot of the restaurants focus on sustainability. This made us even more enthusiastic and we tell you everything about it in this article. Find out now where you need to go to in Rome for breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner. The most restaurants are on your way when you follow our route through Rome.

Breakfast & Lunch

Italians love dolce! Most people start the day with an espresso and something sweet, for example a croissant with cream. They don’t take long but stop at a bar while on their way to work. If this is what you like as well, just stroll down the streets and we are sure you will find the perfect spot. Personally we like to take some more time for our breakfast and have a seat in a cosy restaurant.

The restaurant looks great and the food is delicious!

Ginger Sapori e Salute

A nice spot where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch is Ginger Sapori e Salute. In Rome you have two branches. The one at Sant’Eustachio opens a bit earlier and looks more cosy. The one at Borgogna is quite big. However, both are nice places to have breakfast or lunch. Sustainability is a hot top for Ginger Sapori e Salute. They buy their products directly from farms and in the shops they try to keep the CO2 emissions, the consumption of energy and the production of waste, such as plastic, as minimal as possible.


Another breakfast/lunch spot is EscoSazio. They do use seasonal products and try to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible.


Urbana 47 & Aromaticus

If you visit Monti district, just stroll down the streets. Here you will find many different bars, which makes it difficult to decide where to go. We visited Urbana 47, called after the address of the restaurant. All ingredients are from Rome and they use seasonal products. Next to this, Aromaticus is a nice place to go to. It’s a trendy shop and they do serve simple lunches.


Pastificio Guerra

Not a lot of time and do you want to experience a real Italian place? You need to go to Pastificio Guerra. Right next to the Spanish Steps, around 13.00 hrs. you will see the queue in front of the shop growing. For the ridiculous price of 4 euros you get a takeaway plate of handmade pasta, unlimited water, a fork and knife. They have two sorts of pasta and change this daily. It’s really good.


Drinks & Aperitivo

Delicious drinks, aperitivos and dinners.

Bar Del Fico

A lovely place to have a drink is definetely Bar Del Fico, close to Piazza Navona. The place is called after the square they are situated at (Piazza del Fico). You can order a drink and enjoy unlimited aperitivo. We can believe you can’t stop eating the aperitivo, but know that they have a restaurant next to the bar to have dinner as well.


A great place for cocktails and music.


After Bar Del Fico you can go straight to cyBo. A trendy place, where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine or cocktail. In the evening they have a DJ playing.





Open Baladin

Do you like beers? Go to Open Baladin. Open Baladin serves more than 140 different kinds of beers, home brewed. They have homemade soft drinks for the ones who don’t like beers. The homemade chips and (vegan) burgers are delicious!


A great place for some drinks.

Salotto 42

Tired after wandering around the city for the whole day? Go to Salotto 42. Take a seat on one of the couches or relaxing chairs and order a glass of wine or beer. Enjoy the Apertivo which are displayed on the bar. In the evening they serve delicious cocktails.


Just enjoy your drinks with live music.

Ombre Rosse

Ombre Rosse is a cosy place in Trastevere where you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine. It’s well-known for its music. Check the website and go here when they have a concert.



After a drink and Aperitivo you are most probably ready to go out for dinner. Rome has a lot of restaurant options to go to.

Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo

When you visit Rome, you definitely need to eat pizza. We did enjoy the best pizza ever at Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo. Don’t expect a cosy place. The chance is big that you need to wait in queue as this is where locals go for dinner. But don’t worry and trust us, it’s worth it! Of course, they serve more than pizza only. The bruschetta’s and pastas are also amazing.


Cajo & Cajo

Trastevere is one of our favourite districts, especially in the evening. You will find restaurants on every corner and in every alley. It’s an old district and locals go here as well. We have Italian friends and they took us to Cajo & Cajo. It’s a busy restaurant so maybe you need to wait a while but again, it’s worth it!


Il Margutta Ristor Arte

In many Italian restaurants you have vegetarian or vegan choices available. But if you like to try a restaurant which serves vegetarian dishes only, you need to try Il Margutta Ristor Arte. Nice, delicious and fresh dishes, which completely wash away the ‘dusty’ image of vegetarian food.



Ops! is another restaurant with only vegetarian dishes. They have a buffet, you can eat and try everything. Normally we are not that keen of buffets, as it generates a lot of waste which is not good for the environment. In this restaurant you pay for the weight of food you take. The food is really nice and worth trying. Locals go here to enjoy biological and vegetarian products.


Dar Parucca

Nearby the Colosseum, you will find Dar Parucca. Unfortunately, we haven’t been here ourselves, but we heard a lot of positive stories about this restaurant.


Do you want to read more about Rome? Check out our articles about the ulimate route through Rome and Rome off the beaten track.


We wish you a delicious and foodie weekend in Rome. Let us know where we can find your favourite restaurants!


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