In Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Den Bosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch, is a very good place for a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the door. We grew up in the neighborhood of this great city, so we know where to find nice places. Since we have started to focus more on the use of local products and looking after the world around us, we added some new places to our “must visit” list. Let us tell you all about these places so you know where to grab some healthy and delicious food over here.



If you are looking for a place to enjoy a sustainable breakfast or a delicious lunch? Then Oerwoud is definitely the right place to go to (Oerwoud means jungle in Dutch). You can enjoy vegan food, tasty smoothies or treat yourself to a ‘healthy sweet’. All dishes are home made by one of the owners of Oerwoud, under the name of her own label (Bliss Bakery). Is making choises not your best quality (like us)? Go for a Wereldse Plank. Different delicious dips and small snacks to try, it’s really tasty! I definitely want to go back to try the vegan cheese board, with cheeses from Charly’s. These have been on my wish list for a long time! In addition, Oerwoud is a Stadstuinwinkel (city garden shop) where you can buy lots of plants and goodies. On a regular basis they organize workshops to learn how to create these goodies yourself. In our opinion a must do!

Nom Nom

Another place to have lunch or dinner is Nom Nom. They also pay full attention to the local environment. As they say themselves: ‘the served dishes are influenced by all kinds of cultures all over the world, but the products themselves are all purchased in the area’. These products are sustainable, organic and fair trade. The choice on both the lunch and dinner menu is decent and they offer enough vegetarian options. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed and in summer they have a terrace as well. They only have a menu in Dutch, but this helps you to experience the local feeling and the waitress can always help you to translate and understand.


Finally, we want to point you to Djoyn. The aim of Djoyn is ‘to make sustainable catering industry the most natural thing in the world’. The interior of the building is partially done with second-hand items, but this certainly doesn’t change the appearance. In addition, they work with sustainable equipment and products. Enough reasons to go here and have a nice bite. Prepare your own salad for lunch, or pick on of the dinner dishes. The best of everything? The dishes aren’t that big, so you can certainly order multiple courses or share!

Are you visiting the Netherlands? Den Bosch is a great city to visit, but you also have to visit Amsterdam. Read our tips about Amsterdam here.

Ofcourse there are many more restaurants in Den Bosch, but these are our favorite restaurants focussing sustainability. We hope to have inspired you again with sustainable and honest food in Den Bosch. Have you ever visited Den Bosch? Where did you eat? Let us know, maybe this will become one of our new favorite spots in the future!

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